Refugee who says she was raped on Nauru thanks government, supporters over abortion treatment

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton Photo: Andrew Meares Lawyer George Newhouse says Abayan wants to thank supporters of her cause as well as the government, for bringing her to for treatment. Photo: Kate Geraghty KLG

The Somali refugee who says she was raped on Nauru has thanked ns who rallied to her cause and helped convince the government to bring her to the mainland for an abortion.

News of her arrival in came as Nauruan police rejected claims made by a second Somali refugee she was also raped on the island where, under n government policy, asylum seekers who come by boat are sent for processing and resettlement.

The 23-year old woman, known as Abyan, is now more than 12 weeks pregnant and had been pleading with the government behind the scenes for a week but had not had any response to her request to have a termination in . Abortions are forbidden on Nauru.

Fairfax Media first highlighted her case last week, after her requests for help went unanswered by the federal government. More than 61,000 ns have since signed a petition calling on the government to allow Abyan to come to for the specialist medical treatment she required.

On Friday Immigration Minister Peter Dutton gave strong hints she would be brought to for an abortion and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said her needs were “well understood” by the government.

Fairfax Media has confirmed Abyan is now in detention accommodation in and awaiting treatment.

Her Sydney-based lawyer, George Newhouse from Shine Lawyers, told Fairfax Media on Monday Abyan was grateful for the support of those ns who supported her plea for help and to the Prime Minister and minister for granting her request.

“Our client is relieved that there has been a resolution to this sensitive matter,” he said.

“She is now in and the Commonwealth Government has agreed to provide her with medical treatment.”

“Our client has asked us to thank concerned ns for their support and the PM and the Minister for Immigration for their understanding.”

“We will continue to monitor the situation and to ensure our client receives the treatment and care she requires,” he said.

Abyan is one of two women who have reported being raped on Nauru by local men. The ABC’s 7.30broadcast distressing footage of what 26-year old Namjan (not her real name) says is her call to police after being raped. Nauruan authorities have closed her case saying there is no evidence to support her allegations. 

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